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Камус ARMADA Precut Climbing Skin TST (113SKN-TST)

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As more skiers use their Armada skis for AT/backcountry skiing, the demand for skins for our skis has been growing. For 13/14, we’re introducing precut Mohair/Nylon skins for a variety of our All Mountain/ Backcountry models. Improving upon older stretch skins that required a flat tail, Armada’s twin tip-friendly Cobra clip is compatible with a variety of tail heights. Utilizing a rubber tensioner that attaches over the tip and tail, the ski remains able to flex while a tacky, adhesive layer holds the skin in place. Besides being easy to apply, each skin is laser cut to fit the exact geometry of the ski, leaving just the steel edge exposed to help avoid fraying. For added durability, these 65% Mohair/35% Nylon skins are sealed at the edge to keep moisture out. To keep snow from clumping, each skin is treated with Floro Dry Climb for the fastest uphill climbing performance.
Armada Pre-Cut Skins include detailed instructions, a nylon storage bag and a laminate skin storage cover.
Skins are available in the following sizes:
TST, TSTw: 165, 174, 183, 192